Taylor Swift's Eighth Music Album 'Folklore' Make a New Record

Taylor Swift's Eighth Music Album 'Folklore' Make a New Record

Taylor Swift, a 30-year-old American pop singer, musician, actress, and one of the 100 highest-earning celebrities in the world surprised everyone by releasing her eighth music album despite the Corona epidemic. According to Reuters, Taylor Swift's eighth music album, Folklore, was released on July 24 despite the Corona epidemic.

According to the report, Taylor Swift had informed her fans about the release of her eighth music album only 24 hours ago, otherwise, the rumors about the singer's music album usually start a year ago. After the singer informed the fans through a social media post, 'Folklore' was released on July 24, which came to the forefront on many music streaming websites.

According to Writers, Taylor Swift's music album topped the iTunes Music website worldwide, while the music album also broke new records on other websites. According to the showbiz website Variety, Taylor Swift's eighth music album sold 1.3 million copies within 24 hours of its release, a unique record. According to the economic magazine Forbes, "Folklore" was listened to by a record 80 million people just hours after its release on the music website Spotify.

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According to the report, Taylor Swift's music album, which was listened to 80 million times on Spotify, also became the singer's first album to be heard in such a large number, while her album also won the title of the most listened music album of 2020. The singer's songs have been praised by many music and showbiz websites for the success of Taylor Swift's music album and the record she has set.

Taylor Swift's music album is also being praised for composing all the songs in the lockdown days of the Corona epidemic and releasing them in the days of the epidemic. The album includes 16 songs by the singer and the album was released on her own website, including music streaming websites, while her songs were also released on YouTube. All the songs on the eighth album were written by Taylor Swift along with other songwriters and the music was composed by her and was released under the label company Republic.


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