Pakistani Girl Postpones Marriage for Atif Aslam's Concert

Pakistani Girl Postpones Marriage for Atif Aslam's Concert

A Pakistani-Canadian girl who is a fan of singer Atif Aslam has postponed her wedding to a music concert by her favorite artist. Yes, a Pakistani girl living in Canada postponed her wedding to attend Atif Aslam's music concert despite getting engaged and setting wedding dates. This was revealed by Atif Aslam himself during a recent music concert performance in Canada.

Atif Aslam is currently on Twitter in the US and Canada, where he has been seen giving concerts in Canadian cities after performing in several US cities.

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He held a banner in his hand during a live concert in Toronto on May 22 and later told the story of the story written on the banner. On the banner in Atif Aslam's hand, a person had written that his fiance had postponed the wedding to attend the singer's concert.

After the live performance, Atif Aslam, addressing the boy holding the banner, jokingly said that his engagement has already taken place, then where is Atif Aslam's share of the engagement? The singer later asked the young man holding the banner to hand over the pen to him so that he could sign the banner.

The video of Atif Aslam was shared by his fans on Twitter and YouTube, which went viral as soon as they saw it. Although it became clear that the girl had postponed her marriage for Atif Aslam's concert, it was not known what city the Pakistani girl belonged to and how long she intended to get married.

Atif Aslam will continue to hold concerts in different cities of Canada till June 26 next month, so it is believed that the said girl will also tie the knot after June.


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