Meesha Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui Released a Song Shot on iPhone

Meesha Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui Released a Song Shot on iPhone

Posted on Sep 8, 2020

Singer Meesha Shafi and musician Abdullah Siddiqui have released a song (Magenta Cyan) shot from their iPhone during the lockdown due to Corona. Released in English for about 5 minutes, the song also uses visuals, while both singers are seen modeling in the song.

The poetry of the song released under the banner of PR Checkbox Media has also been written by Abdullah Siddiqui while he has also produced it. The two have co-directed the song composed by Abdullah Siddiqui and also appear in both the songs.

Interestingly, the entire shooting of the song was done through iPhones and the song was shot during the lockdown due to Corona. The song was released on September 5, which is very much loved by the fans.

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This clip from ‘Magenta Cyan’ (link in bio) is a visual translation of what the fog of toxic love leaves us feeling. Shot through the sensitive, vulnerable eye of @bashiraintoronto and edited by @abdullah.s.siddiqui to create this hypnotic depiction of being both way in over your head and slightly out of your mind at the same time. There is beauty in pain.... but once we start drowning in it, we lose our sense of self. Toxic love teaches us so much. About what we want but more importantly, what we don’t want. But to get to that point, one has to first survive it. And find one’s way back to clarity. I’ll be the best mistake that you make, I’ll be an easy heart you can break, I’ll be your lifeline.... I’ll be your lifeline. *written by @abdullah.s.siddiqui - The Psycho!

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Meesha Shafi also shared a short video of the song on Instagram, telling fans how he worked hard to prepare the song.


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