Live performances of Singers on social media for fans

Live performances of Singers on social media for fans

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

Fear of the Corona virus is spreading all over the world, and the outbreak has had a profound impact on the entertainment industry around the world.

Where the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments of all countries are instructing people to try to stay away from each other at this critical time, they should also cancel all events held at large gatherings to do so.

When it comes to the music industry, concerts by major artists have also been canceled.

Where people have quarantined themselves to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, many famous singers are now conducting online concerts for fans.

Many singers performed live concerts for their fans on Instagram and Facebook so their fans could sit back and watch.

Chris Martin, lead singer of British rock band Coldplay, gave fans a 30-minute live performance on Instagram.

In the meantime, he performed his famous song, 'Trouble', 'A Sky Full of Stars'.

Speaking to the fans, he said, "I should have been with my band members, but we are all stuck in different countries, after which I thought I would talk to my fans".

He named this live concert 'Together at Home', which started trending on social media in just a few hours.


After Chris Martin, American singer John Legend also had a live concert on Instagram for fans.

John Legend said in one of his tweets, "My friend Chris Martin organized a great concert for the fans. I will also perform for the fans tomorrow at 1 o'clock."

After which he fulfilled his promise, performed live and won the hearts of the fans.

Singer Miley Cyrus has also quarantined to protect herself from Corona, and she has been entertaining fans through social media in the meantime.

Ireland's rock band UP's lead singer Bono also performed live for fans on his Instagram account.

On the other hand, renowned Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali released a video on his Twitter account in which he said that there will be live concerts while he will also give fans a chance to perform at these live concerts.


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