list of the 10 most popular YouTube videos of 2019

list of the 10 most popular YouTube videos of 2019

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

YouTube, the world's largest video streaming website, released a list of popular videos at the end of the year, just like every other year.

YouTube annually releases a list of the 10 most popular videos and most popular music videos in different countries of the world, including Pakistan, and this year, YouTube released this list.

In 2019, the most-watched video of ordinary videos in Pakistan was honored not by a short video but by a full movie and the movie 'Load Wedding' was ranked number one.

Similarly, the top 10 most viewed music videos by singer Nabil Shaukat and Aimabag's song 'Jaa tuje Muaf Kia' took off.

'Ali Mula Ali Dum Dum' was the second most-watched video in Pakistan, third was 'Khel Dewano Ka', fourth was 'Barishian' and fifth was the TV drama 'Anna'. Been there

Video of Pashto singer Gul's sixth song, Atif Aslam's 'Wohi Khuda hay' at number seven, 'Bol Ho' in eighth, 'Hamsaye Maa Jaye' and Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam's tenth. 'Pardah dari'.

10 - Pardah dari

09 - Hamsaye Maa jaye
08 - Bol Ho
07 Wohi Khuda Hay
06 - Ufff Allah - Pashto
05 - Anna
04 - Barishian
03 - Khel dewano Ka
02 - Ali Mula Ali Dum Dum
01 - Jaa Tjy Muaf Kia

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