Indian Singer Daler Mehndi Also Praised Cook Studio's 'Gal Sun'

Indian Singer Daler Mehndi Also Praised Cook Studio's 'Gal Sun'

The first episode of Cook Studio 2020 was very popular and on December 11, the second episode also featured 3 songs that were very popular.

The first installment of this year's Coke Studio was released last week on December 3, the new season of Coke Studio began with the women's anthem 'Na Tutteya Ve' in which Meesha Shafi's singing was most appreciated. In the first episode of Cook Studio, 3 songs were released in which Mehdi Maloof's 'Dil Khirki' and Fariha Pervez and Ali Noor's 'Jag Rahi' were performed.

The second installment of Cook Studio has also released 3 songs and all three of them are very much liked by the consumers. In the second episode, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali and Zara Madani's 'Dil Tarpe', singer Wajiha Naqvi's 'Yaqeen' and singers Meesha Shafi and Ali Pervez Mehdi's 'Gul Sun' were presented. In the first episode, 'Na Tutteya Way Mein', Mesha Shafi evoked the magic of his voice and after that, in 'Galsun', the singing of Ali Pervez Mehdi and Meesha Shafi was much appreciated.

Not only that, but across the border, Cook Studios' song 'Galsun' was well received and well-known Indian singer Daler Mehndi appreciated it. Recently, a video message has been released by singer Daler Mehndi regarding the song 'Galsun' sung by singers Ali Pervaiz Mehndi and Meesha Shafi.

This video of Daler Mehndi was released by Ali Pervaiz Mehdi on social media sites Instagram and Twitter in which the Indian singer praised his song. He said in the video, "Today I was very happy to hear the song of Ali Mehdi, the eldest son of Pervez Mehdi. He has sung the best track in Coke Studio." Daler Mehndi further said that "Meesha Shafi has also sung Gul Sun Gul Sun Dhola very well".

The Indian singer said, "I have been waiting for many years for a day to come when Ali Pervez Mehdi's song will come, his voice will reach the people and he will be a hit." He further said that he is very happy about this, all the people who like Ustad Pervez Mehdi including me are very happy.

Daler Mehndi said that if only Pervez Sahib and Ali Pervez's grandfather had been present, he would have been very happy. He asked the fans to listen to Ali Pervez Mehdi's song 'Gul Sun' at Coke Studio. Singer Ali Pervaiz Mehdi shared this video message of Daler Mehndi and thanked him for liking his song and encouraging him. He wrote that Daler Mehndi Pa Ji! It's an honor, you are like our family, I can't thank you enough for your love and support.

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On the other hand, singer Meesha Shafi also thanked Daler Mehndi for making Coke Studio's song so popular. In her tweet, Meesha Shafi said that it is an honor to receive the award from the legendary Daler Mehndi for 'Gul Sun'. She also congratulated Ali Pervez Mehdi.


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