'Hindus, Muslims, Christians, rich and poor all infected with Corona', new song by DJ Bravo

'Hindus, Muslims, Christians, rich and poor all infected with Corona', new song by DJ Bravo

Renowned West Indies cricketer and singer Devin Bravo, alias DJ Bravo, has also released songs related to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, like other musical bands and singers.

DJ Bravo is primarily a cricketer, but for the past few years, he has also been seen singing and his singing is appreciated.

Initially, DJ Bravo released a song called Champion in 2016 that went viral while watching, after which the cricketer released several songs.

Although DJ Bravo has gained fame worldwide due to singers, he has gained a lot of fame in South Asia and he has won the Indian Premier League team Chennai Super Kings along with Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Quetta Gladiators. he also sang for them.

In addition, he released other songs with Indian musicians, which earned him a lot of fame in South Asia, but now he has released a new song on the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, giving fans a caution. 

DJ Bravo released the song in a unique way to raise awareness of the Coronavirus on March 26 and has seen thousands of people around the world sing their same song in just three days, while their songs are also being shared on social media.

In a unique way of singing, DJ Bravo seems to be telling people that the Coronavirus is affecting Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and people of other faiths alike, including the outbreak in Australia, the US, India, and the UK. Is spreading evenly throughout the world.

Also, listen to this song from DJ Bravo

The title of the song from DJ Bravo is We Gonna Go Up, in which they hear people instructing them to avoid and caution against the Coronavirus.

The highlight of the song is DJ Bravo's unique style and he is also seen performing and performing in his old style dancing to Corona.


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