Halima Sultan, Mahira Khan, and Haniya Amir Appear in Peshawar Zalmi's Song

Halima Sultan, Mahira Khan, and Haniya Amir Appear in Peshawar Zalmi's Song

Posted on Feb 22, 2021

Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Peshawar Zalmi released their official song 'Kingdom' just hours before the opening ceremony of PSL. The sixth season of PSL started on the evening of February 20 and on this occasion Peshawar Zalmi released a song before the opening ceremony, in which Turkish actresses Esra Bilgic, Mahira Khan, and Hania Amir appeared simultaneously.

Looking at the official song of Peshawar Zalmi's PSL 6, it is estimated that it is not a song of cricket but of an action movie, however, the scenes shown in the song are encouraging. Released in the voice of Abdullah Siddiqui, 'Kingdom' has been directed by Hassan Dawar, while the song also features Esra bilgic (Halima Sultan) Hania Amir, and Mahira Khan along with Ali Rehman and Al Tamish Sarwar in action.

In 'Kingdom', Hania Aamir, Mahira Khan, and Esra Bilgic are seen dancing to cheer the audience. When 'Kingdom' was shared on Peshawar Zalmi's social media accounts, the song went viral as soon as it was seen and the fans expressed happiness over the fact that the song features Pakistani and Turkish actors at the same time.

It may be recalled that Esra Bilgic, Mahira Khan, and Hania Amir are also ambassadors of Peshawar Zalmi. For the sixth season of PSL, Mahira Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Peshawar Zalmi, Halma Sultan as the goodwill ambassador, and Hania Amir as the ambassador.

Peshawar Zalmi has in the past hired more than one showbiz personality as an ambassador. The appointment of Turkish actress Esra Bilgic as goodwill ambassador was announced last night, while Hania Amir was announced on February 19 and Mahira Khan on February 19.


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