Daniyal Zafar Release a new Track

Daniyal Zafar Release a new Track

Daniyal Zaffer, the younger sibling of Ali Zaffer Pakistan’s all-time famous vocalist. Recently Daniyal the blooming singer and model just released his new track named ‘Eik Aur Eik 3’ alongside the beautiful actress Hania Amir. The impressive song was surprisingly Composed and written by Danyal Zafar himself.

The song features a smoky and intense has a very different look and sound to it, We can agree that this taste of music is no doubt new and unique, showcasing Pakistan’s 2019 music. It’s different yet catchy tune with insane video features leaves the audience spellbound and awe stuck with its ghostly charm. There’s an unexpected touch of Qawali in a song that made the viewers like it even more and proved its multi-genre’d song. The fans and viewers loved how he combined all of these genre’s together and still maintained balance, the mixture of elite guitar tunes with some retro 70’s rock song vibe is indeed a complete package


The song brings in intense tunes with creative video effect, the leads Hania and Daniyal, on the other hand, have enchanted the viewers with their perfect chemistry and interesting dance moves.


Before the songs release Daniyal with high hopes stated in a press statement, “I took my time… I took a step back and exposed myself to a lot of new listening and observing. I familiarized myself with modern norms of production and allowed myself to evolve as a musician, and in that process, I believe my sound emerged in a completely different and new way. I’m very excited to see how people react and I hope people connect with what I have to offer through my music and that my sound resonates with people for its distinctiveness.”


We the team of Gossip.pk wish Daniyal the best and wish him success for his new song.

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