Cook Studio 2020: 'Ishq Da Kukkar Bangan Dewe' Gone Viral

Cook Studio 2020: 'Ishq Da Kukkar Bangan Dewe' Gone Viral

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Following the success of the first two installments of Cook Studio 2020, the third episode was released on December 18.

Like the first two episodes, the third episode also includes three songs and although all three songs entertained the audience, singer Sehar Gul Khan's 'Ishq Da Kukkar Bangan Dewe' is being appreciated more.

Each of the three songs in the third episode has been viewed 2.5 million times in a single day. The mixed Punjabi, Seraiki, and Urdu language song of the third episode “Ishq Da Kukkar” is being highly appreciated.

'Ishq Da Kukkar' is sung by young singer Sehar Gul Khan, its poetry is written by Asim Raza and he composed the music. In this song, Nimrah Rafiq, Kamil Jafari, Shehab Hussain, and Wajih Naqvi also accompanied Sehar Gul Khan. Umair Jaswal and Sanam Marvi's song 'Har Fin Mola' from the third installment of Cook Studio 2020 was also highly appreciated.

Although Umair Jaswal is the lead singer in this song, Sanam Marvi has accompanied him and he sang the poetry of the great Sufi poet of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai in a mystical manner. The song was highly praised for its spirituality and Sufism, while it also praised the style of Umair Jaswal.

The song 'Pardesia' included in the third episode was also appreciated, the poetry of which has been written by Asim Raza while the magic of sound has been awakened by Zara Madani and she has composed the music.

The second installment of Cook Studio 2020 was released on December 11, while the first installment was released on December 4.


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