Coke Studio Season 14: Discussions of ‘kana Yari’ After ‘To Jhoom’

Coke Studio Season 14: Discussions of ‘kana Yari’ After ‘To Jhoom’

For music fans, Coke Studios has released the second song of the 14th season, which is being highly appreciated by the fans.

The second song of 'Coke Studio Season 14' was released in Balochi language, sung by Wahab Ali Bugti, Eva B and Khafi Khalil.

The Balochi song titled 'Kana Yari' was released on January 19 viewed 1 million times in a single day.

The best thing about 'Kana Yari' is its music, released in the favorite music of the new generation.

The song 'Kana Yari', composed of a combination of old and new Balochi music, have also been written by Khafi Khalil and Eva B. They can be seen performing brilliantly in the song.

The music of 'Kana Yari' has also been composed by Khalil Kefi. At the same time, it was produced by Zulfiqar Khan and also known as Zulfi, Abdullah Siddiqui, Arsalan Hassan and Sherry Khattak.

Most of the poetry of 'Kana Yari' is in the Balochi language; however, words of other languages ​​have been added to make the song beautiful, and the fun of the audience has been doubled by presenting it in a modern way.

Coke Studio Season 14 was launched on January 14 with To Jhoom before Kana Yari.

Legendary singers Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal were praised for their performances and voices in 'To Jhoom' and their videos of their meeting with each other with respect and handshakes. Were

The song "To Jhoom" has been viewed almost 10 million times on YouTube in less than a week.


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