Ali Zafar's Special Award for the Country's Emerging Rappers

Ali Zafar's Special Award for the Country's Emerging Rappers

Singer Ali Zafar had introduced her to the world of music in October 2019 by releasing the song 'Laila O Laila' with young singer Urooj Fatima from Balochistan.

And in November this year too, he had released the Sindhi folk song 'Allay Marorra' along with Arooj Fatima. In 'Allay Marorra', where Ali Zafar performed Sindh folk dance in Sindhi cultural attire with Urooj Fatima, the song also featured renowned rapper Abid Brohi.

Abid Brohi's rapper style was included in the song and 'Allay Marorra' became very popular and the rapper's performance was the most shared on social media.

Ali Zafar is now busy composing the song 'Bhai Hazir Hai' in rapper style after the rapper's performance in 'Allay Marorra' was much appreciated. Ali Zafar had released the highlights of 'Bhai Hazir Hai' 3 days ago, in which he can be seen performing like a rapper. Ali Zafar's rapper performance was much appreciated and now he has made an important announcement for emerging rappers across the country to further improve 'Bhai Hazir Hai'.

Releasing the video in his tweet, Ali Zafar told emerging rappers across the country that the rapper performed on the tune of 'Bhai Hazir Hai' and uploaded his short video on social media and tagged the rappers. The performances were well received, they will be awarded cash prizes. The singer said that male and female rappers from all over the country should upload videos of their performances to their tunes and mention them. They will share the said videos on the Facebook of their production company and the rapper's video which they like the most. It will be done; it will be given awards.

According to Ali Zafar, the first award will be worth Rs 100,000, the second will be worth Rs 50,000 and the third will be worth Rs 25,000. It was only after the announcement made by Ali Zafar that the young rappers of the country started making videos on his tune and commenting under his tweet. Earlier, Ali Zafar had released a video on the occasion of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) with the help of general audience performances, which became very popular.

Ali Zafar's inclusion of ordinary people in his videos has increased his popularity as well as the interest of young people in music.


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