Ali Zafar's new record of Laila O Laila

Ali Zafar's new record of Laila O Laila

Ali Zafar's new record of Laila O Laila
The recently released song 'Leila o Laila' by Pakistan's renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar has set a new record of popularity.

The singer fulfilled his promise to 12-year-old singer Urooj Fatima from backward Balochistan province and released the song with him and now this video has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

Ali Zafar himself was informed about the new record of the song and shared it on his social media accounts.

The video, released by Lighting Production, was viewed more than 87,000 times in a single day, and fans praised Urooj Fatima's voice.

Urooj Fatima and Ali Zafar have gifted their fans with a modern rendition of the popular folk ballet song 'Lilai O Lila' in the past.

It may be recalled that "Leila and Leila" were first sung by Baloch folk teacher Faiz Mohammad Baloch, while he was also sung by a Russian-born Baluchi, Persian and Pashto singer Rustam Mir Lashari for a coke studio.

However, in contrast to the old songs, the songs of Ali Zafar and Urooj Fatima, including Quetta, were presented in unique ways by incorporating beautiful Balochistan scenes.


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