After the Hype of 'K-Pop' in the World, 'T-Pop' Is Presented

After the Hype of 'K-Pop' in the World, 'T-Pop' Is Presented

Posted on Dec 22, 2020

Following the popularity of South Korean pop musical bands, commonly referred to as 'K-Pop', the world will soon be enjoying the performances of Thai pop musical bands, i.e., 'T-Pop'.

Yes, in collaboration with Universal Music Group (UMG), a US multinational company one of the world's largest musical production companies, a 6 young Thai girls' musical band will soon be seen in the world. According to Reuters, UMG has formed a new 'Thai Pop' musical band of six young girls in partnership with the Thai firm Independent Artist Management (IAM).

The band has been dubbed "Lyra" and has all six female members, all from Thailand and already in the field of music. All six members of the band are between the ages of 18 and 22 and were part of the girls' musical group BNK48 before the formation of the Lira band. The BNK 48 musical group includes at least 80 girls, and similar musical groups exist in other Asian countries, particularly Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

After auditioning 80 girls for BNK48, an American musical company and a Thai firm selected six girls for the new musical band and trained them online for several months. Lira was formed earlier this year and due to the Corona epidemic, all members of the band were trained online and learned dance performances, including learning Western-style singing.

Now all the members of the 'Lira' musical band are ready to perform in front of the world and this musical band has released some of their songs on the first YouTube channel, which is being highly praised. It is believed that a tea band called 'Lira' consisting of young Thai girls will surpass Korean pop music bands (K-Pop).

Currently, the (K-Pop) band (BTS) is the talk of the world, which is a musical band consisting of 7 boys. (BTS) was formed in 2010 and the members of this band also entered the music field in 2013 after 3 years of training and at that time it is considered to be the largest in the world. In addition to BTS, there are other (K-pop) bands in South Korea and there are also bands for girls.

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(K-pop) Bands have gained a lot of popularity around the world in the last two decades, before that most of the American and British girls' musical bands were talked about in the world.


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