Coke Studio 12

Coke Studio 12

The 12th season of Coke Studios debuted on October 11 last month from Atif Aslam's 'Wohi Khuda' and now Atif Aslam has appeared in the third installment.

The first episode of Coke Studio 12 was released on October 19 last month, the first episode featured three songs, but the most serene songs were 'Mahi Diyan Chhokaan'.

The first episode's 'Mahi Diyan Chhokaan' was presented in a traditional way by Jamal Faqir Troup and his colleagues.

The first installment of the song 'Dum Mastam' was performed by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan while the third song 'Rum Pum' was sung by singers Zhui Wakaji and Shahab Hussain.

Listen to songs from the first episode of Coke Studio
The second episode of Coke Studio was released on October 27 last month, giving three songs similar to the first episode.

In the second Episode, Kashmiri and Turkish language song 'Rosha' was also released, which was sung by singer Zeb Bangash and colleagues.

The second episode also included a remake of the past popular song 'Sayyaan', which was sung by Rachel Vakaji and Shuja Haider.

In the second episode, the remake of the past popular song 'Billo' made everyone feel good. The remake of the popular song was also sung by singer Abrar ul Haq.

'Billo' was also sung in the past by Abrar-ul-Haq, and the song was first released in 1995, which is now re-released in the Coke Studio after 24 years.

And now in the third episode of Coke Studios, three songs have been released, all of which won the hearts of "Mubarkaan Mubarakan".


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