14 August Pakistan's Independence Day Song Hum Azaad

14 August Pakistan's Independence Day Song Hum Azaad

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Gossip.pk is a website that feels proud in encouraging and uplifting the rising talents of the Nation. Young and old talent, work and dedication, all represent Pakistan all under one roof.

This Independence week we were more than happy to cover an article of a particular song about independent and struggle by the blooming beauty Alycia.

Alycia Dias is a rising Pakistani vocalist, eminent as a playback artist in Urdu serials and OSTs.

She initiated her career in singing when she won the Lux Awaaz Banaey Star challenge at 17 years old. She worked hard and made her name recognizable as a lead vocal playback artist with a tune from the 2013 sequential Noor.

She discharged a sweet melody for independence day. The viewers were desperately waiting for the track as Alycia had been prodding the melody for more than a month but finally, the fand are at peace because they finally have it now.

Alycia Dias's track is titled 'Hum Azaad' is a piece of consideration to Pakistan; Thanking our four fathers for their efforts and endeavors and an open message to people to remember that we bleed green and unity Faith and discipline will always be our motto. We are one as a nation, as people, as Pakistanis.

The melody has it's own tune and delicate vocals with wonderful devoted verses that will wake up your patriotic side and will that make you need to raise the Pakistani flag up high with Pride and love.

Its a moderate paced fine-tune with a blend of good thoughts acting as a complement to it. The visuals are doubtlessly a fine treat, as everybody wearing Green and White Shalwar kameez. There are clasps of lyrics and understanding for our military powers in consideration to their fearless acts and brave intentions to serve and die in the name of the country, which is always looked up to and appreciated by the people.

This song perfect timing to the Independence is definitely a blessing to us, as its the independence we fought for years back.

Gossips.pk encourage songs like these and wish all the best for it's a success.



Mian Tajamul

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