Zara Noor Abbas has signed a new film

Zara Noor Abbas has signed a new film

Zara Abbas, the renowned actress of Pakistan, is moving forward in her career. Last year, she appeared in a film called Pary Hut Love, and now she has signed another new film.

Zara Noor Abbas will soon be seen working in director Fahim Barnie's film.

It may be recalled that in the past they both acted together in a play called 'Dharkan'.

Zara Noor Abbas began his acting career with the same play.

In this regard, the actress told, "My first audition for TV was sent to Fahim Bernie, who was then living in New York. He immediately told me that I was working in the play Come to Pakistan to do '.

According to Faheem, Zara Noor Abbas is the best choice for this role.

The director told that 'the story of our film revolves around love, family, friendship and laughter, so we decided to choose the best and the best actors for the film'.

Fahim added that 'Zara has everything that was needed for this role; we intend to give the audience a film that she can enjoy very much'.

Zara Noor Abbas also feels fortunate to be a part of this film.

"I've always loved working with Fahim, I knew that whenever he would make a movie, it would be really great," he said.

No other details have been revealed regarding the other cast of the film, though it is clear that the story of the film will be based on the theme of the game.

Zara Noor Abbas is believed to have worked in a movie called 'Chhalawa' along with 'Pary Hut Love'.

His performance in the TV drama 'Ehd  E Wafa' is also appreciated.

She plays the role of a village girl named 'Rani' in the play.


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