Will Indian films be made by the name of Deadly Corona and Corona Pyar Hai?

Will Indian films be made by the name of Deadly Corona and Corona Pyar Hai?

Posted on Mar 18, 2020

From the global outbreak of the Corona virus, films are being postponed,

There, Indian filmmakers prepared to make films on the disease.

Cinema halls have been stopped in India because of the Corona virus, where cinemas have been closed down in India and the shooting of films and plays has been stopped.

Indian filmmakers have also made films on this epidemic where the epidemic has spread shadows of fear around the world.

It is reported that two of India's largest film production companies have acquired copyright rights by registering 2 titles for making films on the Corona virus.

Yes, the Arabian newspaper Gulf News quoted Indian newspapers in its report, saying that there are reports that Bollywood filmmakers Production House Eros International and Indian Motion Picture Producers have registered two names to make films on the Corona virus.

The report states that Eros International has registered the title of "Corona Pyar Hai" and that the production company will make a film on the subject soon, though it is not clear how long a movie will be made under that name.

The report states that the production company, which registers the title of "Corona Pyar Hai" is currently busy with the theme of the film and its storytelling, and soon after thinking of the theme of the story, write its story. The shooting will probably start.

It is premature to say who will be the actor in the movie and who will direct it, but there are reports that the film will deliver a good social message and people will suffer from any illness or epidemic like Corona. Efforts will be made to raise awareness.

Indian Motion Picture Producers, on the other hand, also registered a film-making title for Corona and obtained its copyrights, the report said.

According to the report, the Producers Association has registered the name "Deadly Corona" and has obtained its copyright and will probably start filming the same name soon, but when will the work on the film begin? It is premature to say anything in this regard.

on the other hand, the idea of ​​making films on the subject of Corona by registering titles like Deadly Corona, and  Corona Pyar Hai has been called ridiculous by many eminent filmmakers.


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