When Will the Film 'Kaptaan' About Imran Khan's Life Be Released?

When Will the Film 'Kaptaan' About Imran Khan's Life Be Released?

The film 'Kaptaan', based on the private life of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and current Prime Minister Imran Khan, was made five years ago but has yet to be released. At one time not only the first glimpse of the actors of the film came out but also the teaser of the film came out but then neither the trailer of the film came out nor the release date came out.

Recently, actress Saeeda Imtiaz, who played the lead role in the film, shared a photo taken during the shooting of the film after a long time, people are asking when the film will be released? Interestingly, the news came out in 2015 that the film is in the final stages of completion and due to the general elections in 2018, the film remained in the news.

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During the general election, some PTI officials objected to the 'Kaptaan' and claimed that the film was a conspiracy to tarnish the image of PTI, but the film's team denied such allegations. Just a few weeks ago, the film's lead actor Abdul Manan spoke openly about the film in an interview on Facebook, but he did not say anything about its release.

Abdul Manan Khan will be seen playing the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the film while Saeeda Imtiaz will be seen playing the role of his first wife Jemima Khan in the film. In addition to the roles of Imran Khan and Jaima Khan, the film will also feature other cricketers and politicians, and possibly a brief look at the university life of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan's former and first female prime minister.

Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan studied at a British university and the film will also show their university life. Although Abdul Manan Khan and Saeeda Imtiaz have been sharing photos of 'Kaptaan', they have never announced a release date for the film, though it is believed that the film will be released by 2022. There are rumors that the release of the film so late is due to some changes in the story of the film, but the film team did not give any explanation in this regard.

The film's directors have also been changed several times and its release has been canceled at least twice, as it was initially said that the film would be released during the 2018 general elections. However, this did not happen. Later, it was reported that the film will be released immediately after Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, but this did not happen and now there are rumors that the film will be released by 2022 with some changes in the story.


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