What Does the Love of Watching Horror Movies Say About Personality?

What Does the Love of Watching Horror Movies Say About Personality?

Posted on Oct 12, 2020

Many people like to watch horror movies but there are some who do not like them. But did you know that liking or disliking horror movies is not just a personal preference but a psychological reason?

Some people react differently to such content. Well, there is no complete answer as to why some people like to watch horror movies and some hate them.

But there are some possible explanations and science has discovered so far.

The stress of horror movie enthusiasts is different

One of the reasons why people are eager to watch horror movies is because of their body's reaction to stress.

According to Margie Kerr, a researcher on the subject of fear in humans, "a film that runs a wave of fear in the body speeds up the heartbeat of the viewer and makes the body realize that it needs to expend energy."

He added that for some it has a positive effect, they start to feel the wave of life inside them, just like exercising hard or something that has got the full attention of the body. For other people, it's a negative experience, like a terrorist attack, in which they feel they lose control of their bodies.

Horror movie buffs are very sensitive

The brains of the most sensitive individuals become more active in their surroundings and release more hormones than normal, dopamine, which affects the nervous system.

In the same way, these people are more sympathetic than others, which is why they react differently to violent or horror movies than their peers.

Childhood experiences are also influential

People who experience positive experiences in childhood enjoy horror movies more because they take such activities with enthusiasm.

According to Margie Kerr, "If children are exposed to the right amount or style of entertainment by their parents, for example, if they have an idea of ​​what a real monster is, it will have an effect on the likes and dislikes of horror movies." Are compiled.

For some, it's just a way to connect with others

Some people find horror movies entertaining when they share them with their loved ones.

According to Margie Kerr, "It's an experience of a truly strong and social relationship. We know that a relationship that is formed in stressful situations is more lasting, especially in people who already have a positive relationship." '

So, whether you like to watch horror movies or run away from them, there are many reasons for this, most of which are beyond the control of man.


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