Up coming movie Naram garam

Up coming movie Naram garam

Posted on Nov 6, 2019

A few days ago it was confirmed that the upcoming romantic spice film 'London nahi jaon ga' will see Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat once again romance. The duo was also praised for 'Punjab nahi jaon gi' He also explained that 'London nahi jaon ga' is not a sequel but it will be different from 'Punjab nahi jaon gi'.

And now the news has come out that Humayun Saeed will also produce the next film 'Naram Garam' written by co-actor Vasay Chaudhry, 'Jawani Phir nahi aani'. Yes, Humayun Saeed confirmed while talking that he would be producing Vasay Chaudhary's upcoming movie 'Naram Garam'.

Humayun Saeed revealed the details of the film, revealing that the story of the movie revolves around 2 male lead actors. He also confirmed that the lead role of a central male will be played by Vasay Chaudhry, but no progress has been made in casting the other actor yet.

Also, Humayun Saeed said that no decision could be made regarding the cast, including the main cast of the film. The actor said that although it is not clear how long the film will be released, it will be shot in Pakistan.

It is thought that the movie team will announce the date for the other cast and release date with regard to 'Naram Garam'.

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