The Upcoming Movie SUPERSTAR

The Upcoming Movie SUPERSTAR

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Superstar is An Upcoming 2019 Romantic Drama Film Which is Distributed by HUM FILMS
Release Date: August 2019 (Eid-Ul-Adha)

This upcoming Momina & Duraid Film SUPERSTAR has been on the news since quite some time, the movie has been getting quite some response and excitement as it is featuring Pakistans Top-notch actors in the lead which are the prepossessing Mahira Khan and the attractive Bilal Ashraf in lead roles.

The story is of passion, love and true ambitions to gain one’s goals of what their heart really desires. The movie highlights the fact that everyone has the right to dream big and can dare to live the dream they fight if they’re committed enough to make it happen.


The main historical part of the movie rotates around two main characters Noor (Mahira Khan) and Sameer (Bilal Ashraf). Where Noor is stuck between the decision of choosing Love or Career.

In which Noor is an ambitious and dedicated girl who dreams and wishes of making a name and reputation in the Media industry.

On the contrary, there is our lead Sameer who’s born in a silver spoon always being familiar with the camera as he is the son of a superstar being basically born with status, name, and stardom provided through legacy. Superstar is a journey of its two lead character, as they accidentally cross paths due to the profession, it features the struggle they fame in the industry and out in order to pursue their dreams and the price they must pay and the sacrifices they must make to be successful.


Along with the excitement and craze, the film likewise features that it is so essential to sustain and safeguard theater to discover genuine craftsmen. It likewise fortifies the point that art ought not to have limits and should prosper on adoration, friendship and commitment as opposed to despise, jealousy and misdirection, as one goes nowhere with qualities so negative. Prosperity comes with love and consideration and one must always be willing to help all those who are affiliated to him


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