The movie 'Joker' made new history

The movie 'Joker' made new history

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

The 'Joker', a DC Comics film released in October, has earned a billion dollars worldwide (more than 55 trillion Pakistani rupees) and made new history as it is the first R-rated film to cross that milestone. ۔

R-rated movies are movies that contain violence or adult content, and in the United States, under the age of 17, without a parent or adult guardian can watch such films. Simply put, R-rated films are ones that can be considered primarily adults.

Hollywood Studios Warner Brothers released the movie based on the life of the legendary superhero Batman traditional rival Joker in October and have now grossed $ 1 billion over a month and a half, while still releasing it in China. Neither has been released, where it is likely to be released next year.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the Joker, who is a mentally ill lonely person who gains fame through violence and was widely praised by critics but was alarmed at the release of the film in America. It can increase the tendency for violence in people and cause violent incidents.

Prior to the Joker, the highest-rated business movie was Deadpool 2 (2018), which earned over 78 million and 5 million, followed by Deadpool, which made $ 78 million.

The Joker cost $ 6 million to make while other expenses were separate, and Forbes reports that after earning $ 1 billion, it has also become the most profitable comic book movie to date. 16 times more amazing.

The Joker is expected to be nominated in several fields at the Oscar Awards and may also be the first comic book film to receive the Best Film and Actor Award.


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