The Best Mind-blowing Movies That You Must Watch Once

The Best Mind-blowing Movies That You Must Watch Once

Posted on Jan 3, 2023

Typically, the characters in these movies repeatedly go through the same day or event while attempting to figure out how to escape it.

These are the best movies ever made that are built on the intriguing concept of a time loop but still feel fresh and new each time you watch them, no matter how many times you've seen them.

Happy Death Day, 2017 

happy death day

You pick if this is a horror film or a thriller, but the premise is the same: a girl wakes up on her birthday only to find that she has been murdered in the middle of the night.

She dies, but on the morning of his birthday, she wakes up again, only to be murdered once more that night.

Thus this happens multiple times, and each time she is killed in a new way while she seeks to identify her killer to escape the cycle. You might want to see this film more than once because of how engaging the story is.

Looper, 2012 


This time-travelling thriller will have you questioning whether or not you would risk your life to halt a cultural movement. And what do you do if you're the bad guy? Bruce Wills and Joseph Gordon both play versions of the same serial killer in this film. The film gets interesting when both of them unexpectedly meet during time travel.

Source Code, 2011

source code

Early in the film, it becomes evident that this is a special film with an original plot and a fantastical setting. This is the tale of a soldier so close to death that scientists used cutting-edge equipment to track his train as it sped away from the scene of a bombing to identify the perpetrator.

In other words, the protagonist suffers through this ordeal, only to perish in explosions while gathering intelligence on terrorists. However, the film's highly original ending prevents audiences from leaving their seats.

Edge Of Tomorrow, 2014

edge of tomorrow

Based on a Japanese novel, it shows an alien invasion of Earth during which a cowardly soldier (Tom Cruise) is slain, but as he passes away, he awakens the next morning. It is and is frequently present in warfare. Why this occurs and how he manages to beat the aliens are worth viewing, so this film will surely live up to your expectations.

Groundhog Day, 1993

groundhog day

It can also be considered the beginning of the Time Loop films featuring a Weatherman who survives Groundhog Day repeatedly. As a result of this unique cycle of time, he becomes a better person than before, which does not take away from the film.

Before I Fall, in 2017

before i fall

In this movie, a little girl is killed in a vehicle accident, but the next morning she wakes up.

The girl's last day is February 12, and the cycle continues until she decides what she wants to do with her life. Unravelling the mystery surrounding her death reveals all that she has missed.

Palm Springs, 2020

palm spring

When two wedding guests repeatedly begin seeing a time loop of the same day, their lives are changed. The girl wants to escape her position after repeatedly being made to live the same day. 

Even multiple viewings of this romantic/sci-fi movie are not monotonous because of how funny and captivating the story is.

About Time, 2013

about time

This is not a time-loop movie, but it is very close. It tells the tale of a man who learns at a young age that he was born with the capacity to travel through time.

He can travel through time, which allows him to reunite with his former loves. But as a result of his attempts to alter the past, he runs into problems that force him to accept defeat or go back in time.

The Fare, 2018

the fare

In this film, a taxi driver repeatedly picks up the same passenger, who then leaves without saying goodbye while the driver is distracted.

That is until she recalls the passenger's identity and informs him that she had at least 100 previous trips in his cab.

The story then takes various unexpected turns once the driver discovers that he is caught in a time loop.

Boss Level, 2021

boss level

You'll enjoy the movie's narrative for sure. It tells the tale of a former soldier who is sucked into a time loop that repeatedly replays the day of his murder while also revealing hints about a covert government experiment that was responsible for his unfortunate demise. Can make the riddle clear.



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