Teefa in Trouble has been released on Netflix

Teefa in Trouble has been released on Netflix

Ali Zafar's romantic comedy film 'Teefa in Trouble', released in July 2018, has been released on Netflix, the world's largest online streaming website.

The film was released in several countries of the world, where Teefa in Trouble made records in Pakistan as soon as it was released.

Ali Zafar and Maya Ali's film not only earned good in Pakistan but worldwide, but there were also protests against the film in Pakistan.

Teefa in Trouble was released in Pakistan at a time when Ali Zafar was accused of sexual harassment by singer Meesha Shafi.

The singer accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018 and the case is now pending in the sessions court in Lahore and no decision has yet been reached.

After allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, people also staged demonstrations against Ali Zafar in some major cities of Pakistan and demanded the boycott of his film 'Teefa in Trouble', but nevertheless, Ali Zafar's film made a record.

After making a fuss in Pakistan, Teefa in Trouble was released in Europe, America and Asia, along with Gulf countries, and the film did well in other countries.

After being released in Pakistan and around the world, Teefa in Trouble has also been released on Netflix.

Ali Zafar said in his tweet that his film was released on Netflix.


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