Sohai Ali Abro cut her hair for a Hollywood movie "The Window"

Sohai Ali Abro cut her hair for a Hollywood movie "The Window"

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

Classical dancer and actress Sohai Ali Abro cut the hair for the Pakistani filmmakers' The Window, made in partnership with Hollywood Film Studios.

Although this is not the first time an actress has shaved her head for a film role, it is certainly the first time that a dancer and actress has sacrificed her hair.

Sohai Ali Abro is known mostly for his classical dance, but he has also appeared in a few films and plays.

Sohai Ali Abro also played a leading role in Pakistani movie British filmmaker Sam Masood's film 'Pureland' in 2017.

In the aforementioned film, Sohai Ali Abro plays the brave woman Nazu Dhariju of Nowsherofiroz District of Sindh Province, who rescued her family's land from local elders a decade ago.

With the help of 2 young daughters, Nazu Dharijo not only confronted the influential landlords and their 200 armed men, but also confronted the corrupt police, which earned him a reputation in the media and especially in Sindh and Sohai Ali Abro. Played his role in the film.

Sohai Ali Abro

Sahai Ali Abro's movie Pureland was quite popular - screenshot
The same film by Sahai Ali Abro was also nominated by the UK for a foreign language category for the Oscar Award in 2017, but the film failed to win the award.

And now Sohai Ali Abro has shaved her head for the upcoming social issues film 'The Window' and proved that she can do anything for acting.

Sohai Ali Abro also shared shaving videos and pictures for the film's role on Instagram and said he was initially scared to do so, but he was encouraged by the actors and the team to shave the film.

Sharing the experience of shaving, she wrote that she is feeling unique in seeing this form of a woman without her hair and she is also feeling brave.

Sohai Ali

Sohai Ali Abro also shared photos after a haircut - Photo: Instagram
He said that he was shamed for the role of the hair film because his role in the film is shown in different forms and he has adopted a different hairstyle for every form.

Sahai Ali Abro wrote that at the end of the film his character had to be shown without hair, which caused him to shave his hair.

He said in a post that he will be seen in the film along with leading actors Faisal Qureshi and Paran Tahir in action. According to him, 'The Window' directs Ammar Linguistic and Kanza Zia.

In addition to sharing photos and videos of shaving, Sohai Ali Abro also shared a picture of moving from Pakistan to Italy and told fans that she is about to embark on a new phase of life.


Sahai Ali Abro also revealed that she has now moved from Pakistan to Italy - Photo: Instagram
The actress wrote that after three months of marrying an Italian man, she left her parents' house and returned home with her husband, and for the first time, she felt that she was now complete.

It may be recalled that Sohai Ali Abro married the dancer with Italy in 2019 before the couple had a good relationship.

The relationship between Sohai Ali Abro and the Italian-born dancer formed when he was there to study and train dance in Italy.


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