Sitara was Awarded Three Awards During the 2019

Sitara was Awarded Three Awards During the 2019

Posted on Dec 11, 2019

Pakistan's renowned filmmaker and Oscar-winner Sharmeenn Obaid Chennai's film 'Sitara' was awarded three awards during the 2019 Animated Awards in Los Angeles.

'Sitara: Let the Girls Dream' was given the best screenplay, best music score, and humanitarian awards during the event.

The 14-year-old Sitara in the film 

The story of the film was also written by Sherman Obaid, while he also directed it.

The story of the film revolves around a young girl 'Pari' who dreams of becoming a pilot even though she is married at an early age.

In the film, the story of this young girl is shown from the perspective of her younger sister.

The film shows that the Sitara dreams of playing with her 6-year-old sister and becoming a pilot, while her parents decide to marry her.

The movie shows that on the days of playing, his older sister cries when she sees her older sister in a red dress and they do not understand anything.

The highlight of the film is that it has no dialogue, yet the story of the film not only touches the hearts of the viewers but also makes the sensitive heart to cry.

Regarding the awards given to the film in Los Angeles, Sherman Obaid said in his statement: "We are very happy that Pakistan is representing internationally, our artists and animators work very hard and we will make our film available to the world. Very excited about the front. '

'Sitara' will also be released on Netflix on March 8 next year.

Regarding the project, Sherman Obaid had earlier said, 'For me, the Sitara is more than a movie, it is an expedition I want to launch around the world, to encourage parents to take their daughters forward. , Fulfill their dreams and encourage them so that they can fear the marriage at a young age. '

Production of this film has been given by Sherman Obaid Chennai Film Company along with the World Production Houses, who have also won numerous international Film Awards.


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