Shooting of Fawad and Mahira Khan's Romantic Film 'Neelofar' Completed

Shooting of Fawad and Mahira Khan's Romantic Film 'Neelofar' Completed

Earlier this year, it was reported that 'superstar' actress Mahira Khan and 'The Legend of Maula Jatt' hero Fawad Khan will soon be seen romancing on the big screen again.

There were rumors that the two will be seen falling in love again in the upcoming romantic film 'Neelofar'. And earlier this year, the shooting of 'Nilofar' was started but then the filming was stopped due to the epidemic of Corona but later the shooting was resumed with strict precautionary measures and now 'Neelofar' shooting is complete.

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In her Instagram post, Mahira Khan shared some of the photos taken during the shooting of 'Neelofar' and told the fans that the filming has been completed. He said in his post that the entire team of 'Neelofar' worked tirelessly to make the film brilliant. He hinted that soon after the shooting of the film, the audience will be able to see 'Neelofar' on the screen.

Although Fawad Khan and the film's director, including Mahira Khan, did not tell the story of the film, the actress has in the past hinted that the story of the film is romantic. Mahira Khan had also talked about 'Neelofar' in an interview with Samina Pirzada in April this year and had said that only she and Fawad Khan would appear on the screen. He had vaguely said that he and Fawad Khan would be seen more on-screen throughout the film, but he did not say more about the story of the film.

He had praised Fawad Khan and said that he was happy that she would once again be seen romancing with him like in the drama 'Humsafar'. He described 'Neelofar' as unique from another upcoming action film ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ with Fawad Khan and said that their roles in the romantic film would be very different. The story of 'Neelofar' has been written by Amar Rasool and he is also directing the film while Qasim Mohammad is producing it.

It is thought that Neelofar will be released by mid-2021 if the Corona wave subsides and cinemas reopen, but it is too early to say.


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