Shaan Shahid Announces Release of Film "Zarar" This Year

Shaan Shahid Announces Release of Film "Zarar" This Year

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) had a few days ago announced the easing of various restrictions in view of the declining trend in COD 19 cases in the country. The NCOC also announced that indoor (closed) wedding ceremonies and the opening of cinemas and shrines would be allowed from March 15. Last year, some Pakistani films were ready for release this year, but they were not released due to the closure of cinemas due to Corona, and the shooting of the films that were going on was also stopped for some time. ۔

And now the NCOC has given permission to open cinemas from March 15, after which Pakistani films will be released in the country. The statement was made by the NCOC on January 25, after which the famous Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has recently announced the release of his film “Zarrar” which could not be released last year. In a tweet on social networking site Twitter, Shahid said the decision to open a cinema was big news for the Pakistani film industry.

Shaan Shahid thanked the Prime Minister for finally reopening the cinemas in March. "We were ready to release the film Zarrar in 2020 but it was not released because of Corona," the actor added. Shaan Shahid said that now inshallah 'Zarrar' will be released in 2021. Last year, Shaan Shahid released the trailer of the film for the fans on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

While sharing the trailer, he wrote that stay at home because of Corona and enjoy this trailer. In this 3 minutes 34-second trailer, Shaan Shahid was portrayed in the role of Zarrar, who is linked to Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). In a world where war never ends, his role was seen in the search for peace.

In the trailer, actress Karan Malik appeared in a romantic role along with Shaan Shahid. There are also Nayyar Ijaz in this film who will be seen playing a negative role. The story of the film has been written by Shaan Shahid himself while Nadeem Baig will also be seen playing an important role in the film. However, Shaan Shahid did not specify the date on which the film will be released this year.


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