Saudi Arabia Has Chosen the Film 'Lady of the Sea' for the Oscars

Saudi Arabia Has Chosen the Film 'Lady of the Sea' for the Oscars

Posted on Dec 23, 2020

The Saudi Film Commission has selected the feature film 'Scales' to represent Saudi Arabia in the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards (Scars).

According to Arab News, the film, directed by Shahid Amin, is also known as 'Lady of the Sea', which will compete for the Best International Feature Film category at the Oscars. The film was nominated by a special commission and selected by the Saudi Film Commission as Saudi Arabia's entry into the Oscars. The film will go through several stages of screening before being selected by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the final list is released.

The winners will be announced on April 25, after the final list of shortlisted Wiley films is released. The film was first screened at the Venice Film Festival and won the Verona Film Prize for its creative expression. The film has also been screened at other international festivals and released in Saudi Arabian cinemas.

The film is the story of a girl with an aesthetic visual temptation, who wants to reach her destination while facing difficult situations. The story of this film is based on an imaginary world and dystopia (a state of extreme devastation, the opposite of utopia) where a young girl decides to take matters into her own hands and see the mysterious creatures living in the sea. She stands up against her family and village tradition of sacrificing daughters.

"This is more than my best expectations, especially as an Arab director, my film has been nominated for an Oscar," said Shahid Amin, the Oscar-nominated film director.


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