Sajal Aly Is Busy Shooting for Jemima's Film "What's Love Got To Do With It"

Sajal Aly Is Busy Shooting for Jemima's Film "What's Love Got To Do With It"

Famous Pakistani actress Sajal Aly, ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and British filmmaker Jemima Goldsmith is busy shooting a romantic comedy film written by her. Haroon Rashid, a senior journalist and entertainment reporter for the British news agency 'BBC', has confirmed that actress Sajal Ali will act in Jemima Khan's film.

He said in a tweet on his Twitter account that "it is confirmed the news that Sajal Aly has become part of the cast of the movie 'What's Love Got To Do With It'."

Haroon Rashid said that the film will be directed by Shekhar Kapoor, whose story is written by Jemima Khan and she is producing the film. He said that Sajal Aly's agent Hamid Hussain said that the star of the romantic comedy film said that Emma Thompson, Lily James, and Shehzad Latif are currently in London where the film is being shot.

The confirmation by Haroon Rashid came after speculation by Sajal Aly's fans that he would be a part of the film. Two days ago, Haroon Rashid had said in a tweet that rumors were circulating that Sajal Aly was currently shooting for Jaime Goldsmith's film in London. He had said in his tweet that the film is being directed by Shekhar Kapoor. Haroon Rashid had said that Sajal Ali was contacted for confirmation regarding his actions in the film.

It should be noted that Shekhar Kapoor has directed films like Mr. India, Innocent, From the Heart, Bandit Queen, Elizabeth, and Passage in the past. Shakir Kapoor will return to the world of film 13 years after directing the film, having previously directed the 2007 biography film (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), which also won an Oscar for Best Production. Was found

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Sajal Aly has acted in several Pakistani dramas including 'Nanhi', 'Yaqeen Ka Safar', 'Gul Rana', and 'Chup Raho'. He also acted in the feature film 'Zindagi Katni Haseen Hai' and made his Bollywood debut in 2017 with the film 'Mom' which was released in 2017.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui was also a part of this film. He was the husband of famous actress Sri Devi in ​​this film while Sajal Aly was seen in the role of his stepdaughter.

It is believed that Jaime Goldsmith has in the past produced TV series and a few films, including documentaries, while she has also been involved in journalism in the past. It was reported in November last year that the shooting of the romantic comedy film What's Love Got To Do With It, written by Jaime Goldsmith, would begin in December.


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