Robert Pattinson, Infected With the Corona Virus, Has Stopped Shooting of 'The Batman'

Robert Pattinson, Infected With the Corona Virus, Has Stopped Shooting of 'The Batman'

Robert Pattinson, the lead actor in the upcoming Hollywood sci-fi film 'The Batman,' has stopped shooting after the coronavirus was confirmed. Film studio Warner Bros. said in a statement that a member of The Batman Productions in the UK had confirmed the coronavirus.

However, he did not name the person infected with the coronavirus. According to a report by the British news agency Reuters, the statement added that the filming process was temporarily halted, but did not say how long the shooting would be stopped.

Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Vanity Fair quoted all sources as saying that the person who has been confirmed to have the coronavirus is a film star, Robert Pattinson. However, representatives of Warner Bruce and Robert Pattinson were not immediately available for comment.

It is believed that the shooting of The Batman was resumed in the north of London only 3 days ago after the shooting was stopped due to the coronavirus lockdown in mid-March. The coronavirus has disrupted the shooting of dozens of movies and TV shows around the world. According to Hollywood trade outlets, Robert Pates' film has about 3 months to shoot.

Recently, the first official teaser trailer of the movie 'The Batman' was released, in which Robert Pattinson was shown as 'Batman' with different costumes. This will be the first time that Robert Pattinson will be seen playing the role of 'Batman' in the superhero detective film, before the 'Batman' series starring Christine Bell, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton. Batman's sci-fi comic character was created in 1939 and was initially only included in books, followed by a TV series.

"The Batman" shows Robert Pattinson spying and teaching his rivals a lesson. The short trailer confirmed that the film will be released next year but did not announce a date in the trailer. DC Comics of Warner Bros., the production house of 'The Batman', had already announced that the film would be released in October 2021 due to Corona.

Earlier, 'The Batman' was to be released in June 2021.


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