Controversy over the film 'Pathan', Hindu pandit threatens to burn Shah Rukh Khan alive

Controversy over the film 'Pathan', Hindu pandit threatens to burn Shah Rukh Khan alive

Posted on Dec 21, 2022

On December 17, Shah Rukh Khan answered questions from fans on Twitter and told fans about his film.

During the question and answer session, a fan asked him to recite a favourite poem, so he recited the famous poem of Pakistan's national poet Allama Iqbal.

Shah Rukh Khan wrote Allama Iqbal's poem ' khudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdir se pahle khuda bande se khud puchhe bata ter raza kya hai '.

While answering the questions, he humorously answered the fans and advised they to watch his film as a must.

A fan asked him if he is getting married on January 25, can Shah Rukh release his film on January 26?

On this, the actor replied that they should get married on 26th, that day will also be a holiday, and January 25 is also Republic Day.

Similarly, another fan told them they were getting married on January 26. Shah Rukh Khan replied that they should watch his film after marriage and honeymoon.

A fan also asked the actor why he talks to people only for 15 minutes every time on Twitter. To which the actor said that everyone needs 15 minutes to become famous.

In response to a question, he praised his 'Pathaan' co-star John Abraham and said that he would also learn to ride a heavy bike from him.

Shah Rukh Khan replied to a fan that his children are the whole world to him. When a fan asked him about 'Pathaan', Shahrukh Khan clarified that 'Pathaan' is also a patriotic film, but the said film is in action.

Pathaan' will be released in the next month of January, and its song 'Be Sharm' was released a few days ago, after seeing which narrow-minded Hindus got angry and started the trend of boycotting the actor's film 'Pathaan'. Started while the extremist parties also demanded to ban the film.



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