Nimra Bucha Also Cast in the First Muslim Superhero Series 'Miss Marvel'

Nimra Bucha Also Cast in the First Muslim Superhero Series 'Miss Marvel'

Hollywood science fiction superhero filmmaker Maureen Studios has confirmed the casting of another Pakistani actress in the first Muslim superhero woman series 'Miss Marvel'.

Marvel Studios announced two years ago that it would make the first Muslim female superhero film or series, and in October this year, the studio confirmed that a series would be made, not a Muslim Woman superhero film. Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Indian-American Muslim filmmaker Meira Menon and Belgian-American Muslim filmmakers Adil al-Arabi and Bilal Falah will star in the 'Super Mario' superhero series.

It is not clear which director will direct how many episodes in the first season of the series, but it is thought that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy will also direct the first episodes of the first season. 'Miss Marvel' will feature the Muslim superhero girl 'Kamala Khan', played by 16-year-old Iman Walani, a Pakistani-American girl. And now the studio has confirmed to cast more actors in the series, saying that the humble child will also be part of the cast.

According to Marvel Studios, the 'Miss Marvel' series will be released on the streaming website Disney Plus at the end of 2021, however, it is not clear how many episodes will be included in the first season of the series. At the same time, Marvel Studios said that some new characters have been added to the series and the services of actors have also been procured for the new roles.

Most of the new actors cast for the web series are American Muslims of Indian and Pakistani descent. The new cast of the series includes Indian-American Muslim comedian Azhar Muhammad Usman, Zanobia Sharoof, Yasmin Fletcher, Sagar Sheikh, Rush Shah, and Pakistani actress Nimra Bucha. Marvel Studios did not specify what role Nimrah will play but confirmed that she is part of the series.

Marvel Studios has not released any details about the roles of the other actors; however, it has been confirmed that the series will be released on the streaming website by the end of 2021. At the same time, Marvel Studios released a special video about Iman Walani, who played the lead role of 'Kamala Khan' in 'Miss Marvel', in which a key official of the studio talks about the creation of the role of the first female Pakistani-born Muslim superhero.

It may be recalled that the Muslim female superhero character Kamala Khan was first introduced by Komarol Comics in the book 'Miss Marvel' in 2014. Other female superhero characters were also introduced in the same book. Kamala Khan's character has different abilities which will be seen on the screen like the superhero character Spider-Man climbing the buildings and enjoying the rivals.


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