Netflix Faces Criminal Trial Over Controversial Film Cuties

Netflix Faces Criminal Trial Over Controversial Film Cuties

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

The streaming website Netflix is ​​facing criminal charges in the United States for releasing the controversial bold film 'Cuties'. Netflix has already faced strong criticism from around the world, and Turkey has banned the release of Cuties in the country. Following the release of 'Cuties', people around the world, including the United States, began to unsubscribe in protest of Netflix, but the streaming website continued to support the film.

However, news has now surfaced that Netflix is ​​facing a criminal case in the US state of Texas over the release of the said film. According to the news agency Reuters, the government of the state of Texas has filed a criminal case in the court on Netflix for showing young children in the film as semi-nude and attracted to sexual tendencies.

The state of Texas filed a lawsuit with a Taylor County court on September 23 last month, seeking a criminal lawsuit against the streaming website for showing nudity and underage girls' sexual orientation. Matt Schaefer, an American politician from the state of Texas, also tweeted the documents submitted to the court. The documents said that Netflix sexually exposed underage girls in very short clothes and attracted them to sexual tendencies.

In a statement issued after the lawsuit was filed, Netflix reiterated its support for the controversial film Cuties, saying the film was based on a social issue and that allegations of sexual harassment were false. Remember that the story of 'Cuties' revolves around an 11-year-old Muslim girl who rebels against her religious family after enjoying a wayward life and a slightly bold and independent life.

The story of the film revolves around a refugee family in the African country of Senegal and the teenage 11-year-old girl of that family who is approaching puberty. The film depicts a Muslim family, in which the father of an 11-year-old girl remarries while having problems at home.

The film shows how an 11-year-old girl becomes entangled between her native religion and the trends of the internet age. The film shows how an 11-year-old Muslim girl, influenced by the free environment, tight dress, and bold dancing of other French girls her age, walks in their path, and then at a very young age she starts doing obscene things with girls her age.

The film shows how the bold and obscene actions of an 11-year-old Muslim girl are recorded on a mobile phone by boys older than her and made viral on social media. Despite criticism of the film, Netflix released it in the first week of September in a few countries around the world, including Turkey, and the film is still available on the streaming website.

With regard to the release of the film in Pakistan, Pakistani users had started unsubscribing to Netflix, while streaming website subscriptions in other countries, including the United States and Europe, were largely discontinued. Netflix has not removed the movie from the website, nor does it intend to remove the movie, despite the subscription being terminated.


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