Netflix Announces Release of Record 70 Hollywood Movies This Year

Netflix Announces Release of Record 70 Hollywood Movies This Year

Netflix, the world's largest streaming website, has announced that it will release a record 70 Hollywood movies this year. One movie a week is usually released on Netflix, including web series and documentaries. However, more movies will be released now due to the closure of cinemas since last year due to the Corona epidemic.

According to Reuters, the Netflix administration has confirmed that mega-budget movies of big Hollywood stars will also be released in 2021. Films starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and Taylor Perry will also be released this year. Bold movies including horror, action, thriller, romantic, comedy, history, and romance will also be released on Netflix this year.

According to the administration, the 70 films to be released in the United States will be released globally in 10 languages ​​other than English. In addition to releasing Netflix films in 190 countries in 2021, they will also be released in cinemas in some countries in collaboration with Netflix. In addition to the 70 films mentioned above, web series, documentaries, and special films made by the streaming website will also be released on Netflix.

Netflix aims to release as many movies as possible to give its rival streaming websites a tough time, as Apple, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other websites have closed their theaters due to Corona. In addition, other countries, including India and Pakistan, are witnessing an increase in the number of streaming websites at the local level, and plans are afoot to release more movies online instead of in cinemas in the near future. Are


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