Is the Upcoming Pakistani Film '50 Crore' a Copy of the Web Series 'Money Heist'?

Is the Upcoming Pakistani Film '50 Crore' a Copy of the Web Series 'Money Heist'?

The teaser and pictures of the characters of the upcoming action thriller Pakistani film '50 Crore 'have surfaced. Social media users have started claiming that the film is being made on a copy of Netflix's web series' Money Heist'.

Although no details have been revealed about the story of “50 Crore” yet, it was only after a glimpse of the characters in the said film that Pakistani fans saw the characters and claimed that the Pakistani film would be a copy of the Netflix series.

50 Crore Movie Cast

Film Storyline

It is not yet clear what the story of the film revolves around and when it will be released, but a glimpse of the characters suggests that the film will be an action or crime thriller. Some of the characters have also been introduced as police characters in a glimpse of the “50 Crore” released characters.

After a glimpse of '50 crore' characters was released, when social media users accused the Pakistani film of copying the Netflix web series, Ijaz Aslam denied the allegations in a video message, saying that critics Wait a week, they will realize for themselves that they were wrong.


He hinted that the '50 crore' Netflix web series was not a copy of Money Heist, nor would Pakistani film characters be portrayed as Netflix's web series. Aijaz Aslam asked the critics and fans to wait a week to know the real truth of '50 crore'.

What is Money Heist?

The Pakistani film '50 Crore', which is being called a copy of Netflix's web series' Money Heist', was actually a Spanish drama, which was aired as a web series by Netflix in 2017, also on Netflix in Spanish. Presented in the language, however, translations were also offered in other languages, including English.

The Spanish name for 'Money Heist' is 'La Casa de Papel’ and it was initially aired in Spanish on a Spanish TV channel, but later due to its untouched story, Netflix renamed it as a web series. Released on Netflix dubbed the web series "Money Heist" and released its first season in May 2017 and its second season in October of that year.

The third season of "Money Heist" was released in July 2019, while the fourth season was released in April 2020. The main story of Money Heist revolves around a gang of robbers who steal from Spain's central bank and a government financial institution. The thriller crime series 'Money Heist' introduces a number of characters who are somehow connected to a criminal gang.

The fourth series of 'Money Heist' also featured a Pakistani doctor who helps a criminal who was injured during a bank robbery perform online surgery. In addition, the series also features a Pakistani character who helps a criminal group in cybercrime. It is because of the Pakistani characters that 'Money Hast' got immense popularity in Pakistan and now it is being said with reference to the upcoming Pakistani film '50 Crore' that it is also a copy of the Netflix series.

As soon as a glimpse of the '50 crore' characters surfaced, users on Twitter shared pictures of similar scenes from the Pakistani film and Netflix web series and said that now we will see the Pakistani 'Money Heist'.

Some people even demanded that Aamir Liaquat should also be cast as the main character in Pakistani '50 Crore' i.e. Money Heist, otherwise they will not watch Pakistani films.


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