Has the Disney movie Tangled also predicted the Corona virus?

Has the Disney movie Tangled also predicted the Corona virus?

There have been several reports of the Coronavirus starting in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

A film released a decade ago became the center of attention a few months ago, with the prediction of a disease like Corona.

After that, a book predicting such a disease also came out.

And now Disney's famous movie 'Tangled' is also being linked to the Coronavirus.

The 2010 Disney movie 'Tangled' was based on the story of Rapunzel, in which a woman is imprisoned in a tall building because of her magical long hair and has been scared to spend her entire life saying that the city is down. The people in me want to hurt it.

A user on social networking site Twitter claimed that in the movie 'Tangled', Rapunzel was kept in a tower, just as a corona disease has left people in their homes.

But this is not the only thing that is attached to this movie, the interesting thing is that the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel to this tower wanted to keep her away from her kingdom so that no one could reach her and know. What was the name of the kingdom that kept Rapunzel away?

The name of this kingdom was 'Corona', yes the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel wanted to keep her away from Corona.

The movie shows that Rapunzel was from the Corona Kingdom, his father was king of Corona, who had lit lanterns on the occasion of his birthday for the republican return for many years.

Despite being animated, the film's original budget was $ 260 million, or $ 281.3 million of the current pledge, with revenues of $ 590.7 million.


Rapunzel's stepmother imprisons him in a tower, photo: YouTube
Be aware that the word corona is actually derived from the Egyptian language, which means the crown or halo of the head. The virus can be observed only with an electron microscope, in which the virus is shaped like a solar corona (an area around millions of miles around the sun where the plasma is spreading), hence the virus is called the corona. ۔

It should be noted that a book, published 12 years ago, had recently surfaced, which was shockingly predicted that there would be a global outbreak in 2020.


The first American TV reality star, Kim Kardashian, tweeted about the book, which immediately sparked a renewed debate on social media and 'fact-checking' websites were busy reviewing the book.

Earlier, a 2011 film 'Contagion' also became the center of attention, citing a disease similar to the Coronavirus.

Director Steven Soderbergh's film begins with a woman returning from Hong Kong to Minnesota with a strange disease, dying within a few days, after which the same symptoms appear in her husband and others. In fact, there is an outbreak worldwide.

The film shows a glimpse of the worst scenes of how rumors and anxieties spread and society's lives are adversely affected, with scenes of looting and empty airports spiraling into the backbone.


Tangled Contagion

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