Hamza Ali Abbasi Terminated His Netflix Subscription Due to Controversial Film Cuties

Hamza Ali Abbasi Terminated His Netflix Subscription Due to Controversial Film Cuties



Leading actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has unsubscribed from the streaming website Netflix after releasing the controversial bold film 'Cuties'. In a tweet on August 31 last month, Hamza Ali Abbasi demanded that Netflix cancel the release of Cuties.

Like Hamza Ali Abbasi, many showbiz personalities and ordinary people from all over the world had also demanded from Netflix to cancel the release of the said bold and controversial film. An online petition was also filed against Netflix, which was signed by millions of people around the world, demanding that the film not be released from the streaming website.

Like the people, the Turkish government had ordered Netflix not to release the controversial bold film 'Cuties', but the streaming website still released the film. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the streaming website has released the film in several countries in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

After the release of the film despite the protests of the people, Hamza Ali Abbasi terminated the subscription of Netflix and appealed to the people to boycott the streaming website. In his tweet, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a notification to unsubscribe from Netflix and wrote that he had no choice but to unsubscribe from the streaming website.

He expressed frustration over the release of the controversial film by the streaming website, saying that now the mainstream media has become the centre of soft porn. He also appealed to fans to end their Netflix subscriptions.

Netflix subscriptions are paid for and the subscriber pays a monthly fee of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 for the website. Netflix video websites do not offer free video viewing like YouTube. Netflix's controversial bold film 'Cuties', which was criticized, was released on September 9 this month.

The main story of the film revolves around an 11-year-old Muslim girl who rebels against her religious family after enjoying a wayward life and a slightly bold and independent life. The story of the film revolves around a refugee family in the African country of Senegal and the teenage 11-year-old girl of that household who is approaching puberty.

The film depicts a Muslim family, in which the father of an 11-year-old girl remarries while having problems at home. The film shows how an 11-year-old girl becomes entangled between her native religion and the trends of the internet age.

The film shows how an 11-year-old Muslim girl, influenced by the free environment, tight dress and bold dancing of other French girls her age, walks on her way and then at a very young age she starts doing obscene things with girls her age. The film shows how the striking and disgusting activities of an 11-year-old Muslim young lady are recorded on a cell phone by young men more established than her and made viral via online media.


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