Full of Breathtaking Scenes, 'Mission Impossible 7' Will Be Released Next Year

Full of Breathtaking Scenes, 'Mission Impossible 7' Will Be Released Next Year

After a long delay, the first trailer of the seventh film of the action spy film series 'Mission Impossible', full of dangerous stunts, has finally been released. Initially, 'Mission Impossible 7' was supposed to be released in June this year, but due to the Corona epidemic, its shooting was repeatedly postponed, which is why it has now released its first trailer, confirming that it will be released next year. Gone

The trailer, which is less than two minutes long, also features the main cast of the film besides Tom Cruise, but it is difficult to understand the story of the film. The trailer for the spy franchise hints that the film may be fighting a biological war this time around, but it's too early to say.

The trailer of the new movie suggests that this time the audience will get to see more dangerous scenes than in all the previous 'Mission Impossible' movies, which will make the audience hold their breath. The trailer also features highlights of some of Tom Cruise's dangerous stunts, including the scene where he dropped his bike down a mountain.

The movie 'Mission Impossible 7' has been named 'Dead Reckoning' Part One, which has been announced to be released on July 14, 2023. It has also been announced that the second part of the same movie will be released in July 2024. , Which started shooting last month. It will be the seventh film in the series to be released in July next year, while its eighth film will be released in 2024.

The sixth film of 'Mission Impossible' was released in 2018 and Tom Cruise himself was injured during several dangerous scenes during its shooting.

The first film in the series was called Mission Impossible in 1996, the second four years later in 2000, the third in 2006, the fourth in 2011, the fifth in 2015 and the sixth in 2018 under the title Mission Impossible: Fallout. Was

The seventh film in the series will star Tom Cruise alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Shay Wigm, Hayley Atwell, Simon Pegg and Henry Zemi among others. The seventh film is being directed by Christopher McCurry and produced by Tom Cruise himself, who has been producing the series for many years.


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