Full of action and romance, the 'Tich Button' teaser is Released

Full of action and romance, the 'Tich Button' teaser is Released

The first teaser of renowned Pakistani actors Farhan Saeed, Feroz Khan, Eman Ali and Sonia Hussein's film 'Tich Button' has emerged which has been getting a lot of likes on social media.

Singer and actor Farhan Saeed shared the video of the teaser on his Instagram account.

In sharing the video, the actor also wrote the only dialogue that appears in the caption in the teaser.

Farhan Saeed wrote, "Suna Hai Jub Piyar Hota Hai..... To Banda Appy say Bahir Hota Hai"

Speaking of the trailer based on the one-minute, four-second duration, the film stars Feroz Khan and Farhan Saeed in action, while portraying the city and village life.

The film featured the duo of Farhan Saeed, Eman Ali and Feroz Khan, Sonia Hussein.

The tich button will be Farhan Saeed's debut in the film world.

And interestingly, the film is being produced by his wife, actress Aroha Hussain.

The film is directed by Qasim Ali Murid.

It should be noted that the first glimpse of the film came out in January last year.

The film 'Tich Button' will release this year on Eid ul Fitr.


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