'Fruit Chaat' a short film based on the unique story of a wheelchair girl

'Fruit Chaat' a short film based on the unique story of a wheelchair girl

Usually, in Pakistani dramas or films, people born with different physical problems are not given much importance and even when special people are shown on screen, they are shown as a weak person.

But nothing was shown in the recently released short film 'Fruit Chaat' Rather, after watching the short film, it makes sense how the special people in our society are capable of moving forward and how close some of the people who support them feel and behave differently from themselves. Are.

The short film titled 'Fruit Chat' was written by Tanzila Khan, the founder of the online store “Girly Things”, and she has also played the lead role of Shabana in this short film which, despite the difficulties, has a positive outlook on life she seems to be moving forward.

In the short film, Shabana, born with a physical disability, is portrayed in a role that not only achieves higher education while in a wheelchair but also progresses as a normal human being.

Talking to 'Fruit Chaat', Tanzila Khan revealed that he had written the script for the film about a year ago and had sent the script to several production houses, but no one Not supportive of work.

According to Tanzila Khan, when other production houses refused to work on their script, they started working on it themselves and are grateful to all those who have worked with them for free. 
Looking at 'Fruit Chaat' shows how some people born with physical disabilities and problems in the film seek to move forward in life despite all the problems, and they want people to have compassion instead of mercy. Give them equal opportunities.

Referring to the idea of the film, Tanzila Khan said that the film depicts everything that she encounters on a daily basis in normal life.

"People born with physical problems or disabilities are usually given opportunities on a compassionate basis, and when given such opportunities, they are made to feel that they have compassion," said Tanzila Khan. 
Instead of giving them the opportunity to sympathize with them or show them mercy, they should give them the opportunities they deserve, according to Tanzila Khan.

According to Tanzila Khan, it is very difficult for people with disabilities, especially women to become disabled, and such women face severe difficulties moving forward but for such women, society needs to change its thinking.

Tanzila Khan also talked about some of the exciting events that took place during the 'Fruit Chaat' shoot and explained how she shot the whole film in a single day and how unique she was.

He said that when he was shooting the film, the police stopped him and the police thought we were doing something wrong with the disabled and it took them a long time to explain to the police.

According to Tanzila Khan, he was given free work by people like actor Fawad Jalal and director Muiz Abbas for whom he is grateful.

Tanzila Khan expressed hope that after watching 'Fruit Chaat', Pakistani TV and film production houses will also try to show physically challenged people in different roles.

'Fruit Chaat' depicts a pretty heavy-handed teenage girl who, after working hard, gets a job after earning a law degree, and at the same time quits her job in the film. It has also been shown to start a small business and then be attracted to love.

But throughout the story, the physically disabled girl depicted in the film has been portrayed as a lightweight and hilarious personality. 


Fruit chaat

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