Forbes List of the 10 Highest Earning Actors of 2020

Forbes List of the 10 Highest Earning Actors of 2020

While the Coronavirus has made a difference in the global economy and business this year, the showbiz industry has also seen lower earnings. Many showbiz personalities have been idle for six months in the past year due to the cancellation of film shootings and releases due to Corona and their earnings have dropped significantly.

Despite His Low Earnings, Dwayne Johnson is the Highest-earning Actor

However, many showbiz personalities have managed to make a record this year by working on various projects, including former wrestler and Hollywood action hero Dwayne Johnson. Although Corona has significantly reduced Dwayne Johnson's earnings this year, he remains the highest-earning actor.

Dwayne Johnson also topped Forbes list of the 10 highest-earning actors of 2020 this year. Dwayne Johnson was also the first highest-earning actor last year with 89.4 million.

According to the Forbes list, Bollywood and Hong Kong actors have also made it to the top 10 highest-earning actors.

Jackie Chan

The tenth highest earner is Chinese-born Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, who earned 40 million US dollar in the past year.

Adam Sandler

Comedian Adam Sandler was ninth on the list with an income of 41 million US dollars.

Will Smith

The eighth highest-earning actor was Will Smith, who earned 44.5 million US dollar in the last one year.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Actor Manuel Miranda was the seventh highest-earning actor with 45.5 million US dollars.

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is ranked sixth in the list with 48.5 million dollars and is the only Indian actor to make the list.

Last year, Akshay Kumar was fourth on the list of highest earners with a net worth of 65 million US dollars.

Vin Diesel

Former wrestler and actor Vin Diesel came in fifth with a net worth of 54 million $.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck was fourth on the list with 55 million in earnings.

Mark Wahlberg

In third place was Mark Wahlberg, who earned 58 million $.

Ryan Reynolds

Second on the list was Ryan Reynolds, who earned 71.5 million.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson topped the list with a net worth of 87.5 million.

Overall, the year saw a drop of 2 million $ to 5 million $ for all the highest-earning actors, but some actors saw a drop of more than 10 million. Forbes also publishes a list of the highest-earning actors, actresses, and later highest-earning personalities in August each year.


Forbes list 10 highest earning actors

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