Faran Tahir unhappy over ban on his film in Pakistan

Faran Tahir unhappy over ban on his film in Pakistan

Posted on Apr 6, 2022

Pakistani-born Hollywood American actor Faran Tahir has expressed his displeasure over the ban on screening of his film 'I Will Meet You There' in Pakistan, saying that there was nothing inappropriate in his film. 'I Will Meet You There' was supposed to be released in Pakistan on March 11 last month but was banned by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) for misrepresenting Muslims in the film. At that time, the producer of the film, Iram Parveen Bilal, while talking to the showbiz website Variety, had expressed regret over the ban on the screening of his film in Pakistan. Faran Tahir did not react to the ban on film in Pakistan at the time, but now he has expressed his views through a social media post.

Farran Tahir wrote in his post quoting the news of the Showbiz website that his film does not defame our core values ​​but encourages discussion on our issues. "The message of the film is to seek love, understanding, tolerance, and respect. The film discusses the values ​​that our Creator has set for us," he wrote. The Hollywood actor acknowledged that some of the film's content crosses boundaries due to creativity, but it could have been overlooked instead of being the basis.

He described the ban on the film as "disappointing and regrettable" and wrote that there were only 250 cinemas in Pakistan, which meant that the film was not being shown there to make money but to inform people about their problems. It was being released there for information.

According to Faran Tahir, his aim was to make fellow actors, directors, and writers realize that such material could be produced by showing a film on the issue of encounters with Pakistanis abroad on a daily basis.

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Apart from him, other actors including senior actor Qavi Khan, Nikita Tewani, and Shawn Parsons were also present in Faran Tahir's film 'I Will Meet You There. In addition to Pakistani and Indian actors, American actors have also been cast in the film and its story revolves around a family of Pakistani origin living in the United States. In the film, Faran Tahir plays a Pakistani-American police officer whose young daughter is born and raised in the United States, which is far removed from local traditions. The story of the film becomes important when Qavi Khan, who has played the role of Faran Tahir's father in the film, arrives in the US from Pakistan and then the family starts discussing Muslim and Eastern traditions.

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