Fans Complain About Showing Pakistani Characters in Indian Accent in 'Miss Marvel'

Fans Complain About Showing Pakistani Characters in Indian Accent in 'Miss Marvel'

Marvel Studios' upcoming American web series' Miss Marvel 'will be released next week. However, a clip went viral on Twitter and angered Pakistani fans. Kamala Khan, the main character of the web series, can be seen talking to her parents in the viral clip of 'Miss Marvel'.

After watching the clip, the audience termed the accent of Kamala Khan's parents an Indian accent instead of Pakistani and criticized Marvel Studios. In the viral clip, Kamala Khan's mother is seen talking to her in English like Indian women do.

Also, in the clip, Kamala Khan's father can be seen chanting the slogan 'Chak De Phatte'. After the clip went viral, while fans criticized Marvel Studios, they claimed that the Pakistani mother's manner of speaking was similar to that of an Indian woman. Consumers claim that just as Kamala Khan's mother is seen talking, so are the mothers of Pakistani Punjab.

Besides, some people wrote that to date, they have not seen any Pakistani chanting the slogan 'Chak De Phatte'.

Most people said that the tone in which Pakistani characters are portrayed is wrong, it is not the tone of Pakistanis, and it is considered cultural dishonesty.

Some users also criticized Marvel Studios and wrote that the studio did not find any Pakistani actors for such roles, nor did they consider researching Pakistani accents?

Although most people criticized the 'Miss Marvel' team, no one wrote that one of the four directors of the 'Miss Marvel' web series included Oscar-winning Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and his How Pakistani dialect was shown in Indian dialect.

Remember that the main story of 'Miss Marvel' web series revolves around a 16-year-old superhero girl named 'Kamala Khan' who is a girl of Pakistani origin and lives in Jersey City. Kamala is a passionate artist, an avid gamer, and a fan of fiction, a big fan of Avengers and especially Captain Marvel. Still, before gaining superpowers, Kamala Khan always struggled to find his place in the world.




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