Disney Announce to Release the Anime Movie Soul Online

Disney Announce to Release the Anime Movie Soul Online

Leading Hollywood studio Disney has confirmed that their upcoming fantasy animated film 'Soul' due to the coronavirus will also be released on the streaming website Disney Plus.

Prior to Soul, Disney released its mega-budget historical live-action thriller, Molan, on Disney Plus last September. Many cinemas in all countries of the world, including the United States and Europe, are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic, and even if some cinemas are open, spectators are not coming to see the movies due to fear.

Disney has also announced the release of its popular animated film online after cinemas closed and movies were not seen in theaters due to fear from the public. According to the news agency Reuters, the fantasy animated film 'Soul' will be released on Disney Plus on December 25 this year on the eve of Christmas.

'Soul' was originally scheduled to release in theaters in June this year, but due to the epidemic, the screening of the film was postponed until November this year, but now the company has announced that the film has also been released on the streaming website. This year, production companies other than Disney have either stopped showing several films or released them on streaming websites.

Disney Plus was launched last year and has grown to over 60 million subscribers in one year. Disney Plus also offers paid services like Netflix and Apple Plus TV, and Disney Studios is looking for new ways to make money by releasing more and more movies on streaming websites.

The animated fantasy film 'Soul' is the 26th film from Disney's Pixar Animation Studios. Almost all the previously released fantasy animated or superhero films of Pixar have managed to get the attention of the audience.

Pixar has also released well-known film series such as 'Tie Story, Finding Nano, The Incredibles, Cars, Coco, and One Word', four of which are 'Tie Story' and 'The Incredibles' and 'Cars'. Two films, including a few others, have been released. The story of the fantasy animated film 'Soul' revolves around a high school music teacher and his student, in which the school teacher separates the soul of his student from his body.

The film also shows another planet in the universe, where after the characters of the film arrive, it is considered a paradise, but it is not paradise.


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