Despite the Epidemic, Cinemas in Many Countries Opened, the Film 'Tenet' Was Released

Despite the Epidemic, Cinemas in Many Countries Opened, the Film 'Tenet' Was Released

The Hollywood production house Warner Bros. announced in late July that it would release its action thriller 'Tenet' in the last week of August. Warner Bros. had announced that 'Tenet' would be released worldwide from August 26 and now the said film has been released in other countries including South Korea.

According to the news agency Reuters, 'Tenet' did well despite Corona in the first two days of its release, and after several months of cinema opening, people happily turned to cinema houses. According to the report, while cinema houses have been opened in different parts of the country on the occasion of the screening of 'Tenet', strict precautionary measures are also being taken.

According to Warner Bros., the production house that produces Tenet, Tenet will be released in about 70 more countries in the next few days. While “Tenet” did well despite the epidemic, several showbiz websites gave the film good ratings. Regarding the release of 'Tenet', showbiz website Variety said that the film made the best money in South Korea, where the film earned 3.5 million on the first day and up to 4.5 million on the second day.

Similarly, after the release of 'Tenet', South Korean cinema houses are seeing a rush of people and the biggest rush is in the cinema halls of the capital Seoul. Warner Bros has already announced that the film will be released on August 26 in European countries: Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, the United Kingdom. It will be released in Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Korea.

Although the release of the film has been confirmed in South Korea, there have been no reports from other countries. In another report, Reuters reported that cinema houses in several US states had been reopened since the beginning of the last week of August with strict precautionary measures.

According to the report, cinema houses were opened in various cities of other states including Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia, and the first Hollywood film (Hanged) was released there.

The report said that for the first time since March, cinema houses have been opened in different states of the United States.


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