Chadwick Bosman's Latest Film is About the Exploitation of Black People

Chadwick Bosman's Latest Film is About the Exploitation of Black People

Posted on Oct 22, 2020

The first trailer of Hollywood actor Chadwick Bosman's latest film “Ma Rainey's Black Bottom”, who died at the age of 43 due to bowel cancer, was released on August 29 this month. The story of 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' revolves around the musical career of the famous African-American singer Ma Rainey.

Ma Rainey was born in 1885 in the American state of Georgia to a black family of African descent, whose ancestors were brought to the United States as slaves. The main story of the film revolves around the exploitation of black people born into slave families in the United States in the 19th century, but the film mostly shows the exploited musicians.

The story of 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' dates back to 1920 when blues music was gaining ground in the United States. It was a special kind of music for black Americans brought from Africa as slaves. 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' also features blues music singer Ma Rainey and her black band, who have been exploited on the basis of gender, color, and race.

In 'Ma Rainey, Black Bottom', Chadwick Bosman plays a pianist member of the singer Ma Rainey, who aspires to set up his own music record company in the United States in the future. Watching the short trailer suggests that the film will not only show the lives of black musicians but also the lives of black people who are currently being exploited.

According to the showbiz website Variety, the story of 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' is taken from the American award-winning drama of the same name and now this film will be released on Netflix. The trailer states that 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' will be released on Netflix on December 18 this year.

"Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom" will be the last film of Chadwick Bosman, who died of cancer. He has acted in less than a dozen films in his career. Chadwick Bosman's most successful film was Black Panther, which was released in 2018. He also starred in a few biographical films starring actors, politicians, and black human rights activists.

Chadwick Bosman made his acting debut in 2003 and initially tried his luck on TV and later appeared in films after 2013. Chadwick Bosman was not nominated for an Oscar, despite playing a role that changed the minds of critics and audiences, such as 'Black Panther'.

Chadwick Bosman died of bowel cancer on August 29 this year, having been diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2016.


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