Which is the Worst Plastic Polluting Brand in the World

Which is the Worst Plastic Polluting Brand in the World

During the second year running, Coca-Cola Plastic Waste Audit was found to be the largest polluting brand in the world, followed by plastic-free movement. The giant tropical soda company was responsible for more plastic waste than the next top three pollutants.

The audit was conducted by more than 72,000 volunteers who confirmed plastics in 37 countries in September, cleaning the beaches, waterways, and roads near their offices and homes throughout the day. Coke was responsible for 11,732 pieces of plastic followed by Nestlé, PepsiCo, Mondelez International. Breakfast brands such as Drew Oreo, Ritz, Nabisco, and Nutter Butter.

Answering questions about brand audits, Coca-Cola said,

Whenever our packaging ends up in our oceans - or wherever they belong - it's not acceptable to us. In partnership with others, we are working to address this important global issue, helping to close taps and clean up existing pollution in relation to plastic waste entering the two oceans.

Cook's statement also said that each market is investing locally, with the recent launch of an industry-supported packaging collection organization in Vietnam to increase the recovery of bottles and cans. An investment of $ 19 million worth of bottles has been announced in the Philippines. New food-grade recycling facility. Cook is also investing to accelerate key innovations that will help reduce waste, including new improved recycling technologies that enable poor quality PET plastic recycling. , Often made for integration or landfill, return to the highest quality food packaging materials.

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