What Is a "Women's Card" and When Do Women Use It?

What Is a "Women's Card" and When Do Women Use It?

In most TV shows, seminars, dramas, and movies, the dialogue is heard that such and such a woman is playing the 'woman card.' Most of the talk about women playing 'women's cards' is done by men, but some also hear this dialogue. In a society like Pakistan, when a woman comes out bold against any issue, she usually uses a 'woman card.'

Although the term "women's card" has been used for many years, the term's use has increased in recent years as women began to launch the "Women's March." Opponents of the women's 'women's march' began mocking women for using the 'women's card.'

What is a 'Women's Card,' and when and why do women use it? Or is it just a narrow-minded term aimed at silencing women?

Fans will now find answers to all these questions on the digital platform 'Aurat Card,' provided by four women in public awareness videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The show, titled 'Aurat Card', will be presented by women's rights activists and journalists Benazir Shah, Reema Omar, Mahal Sarfraz and will be aired only on social media platforms.

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 In the show called 'Aurat Card', the four women will talk about these issues, which are inadvertently linked to the caste of 'Aurat,' and they are ridiculed for playing 'Aurat Card'. While some women are ridiculed for using the 'women's card' to expose injustice cases, they are also ridiculed for playing the 'victim card.


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